Alex Mayil

– Certified and highly Qualified international PMU Trainer and Artist.

Successfully Certified in more than 50 PMU trainings around the World attended many PMU International Conferences as a speaker and participat.

  • NVQ level 2 & 3 Beauty
  • NVQ level 3 Assessing Vocational Qualifications
  • NVQ level 4 Micropigmintation and Microblading

Founder/owner of “A CLASS Beauty & PMU Academy” based in London, United Kingdom.

– Alex students are successfully graduates who have won prizes in international competitions, perform their work well and are highly demanded by clients in the PMU market.
A Class Academy guest students from everywhere in the world, looking to learn all the secrets of PMU from Alex Mayil.

Creator of the Most popular and innovative PMU technique “Satin Lips”
Which is one of the top Techniques in the PMU industry.

– Main Organiser of “WULOP UK” Semifinal Championship and PMU Conference in London, United Kingdom.

– Main Organiser of “A CLASS PMU International Conference and WULOP UK Semifinal“

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International Speaker, judge at International live and online PMU Championships.

At A CLASS Beauty & PMU Academy we provide Hight Demanded PMU courses:
Satin Lips”, “All About Lips”, “Powder Brows”, “Shaded Eyeliner”,
All About Eyeliners”.
All this techniques are the most popular and in demand techniques in PMU industry.

Alex Mayil always keeping up with PMU new trends, providing during her courses and the highly requested and newest techniques.
A Class Academy students will benefit also of important informations on how to market they work, sell their Services and be among the best PMU Artist in the Industry.

All our courses are insurable, and accredited by CPD.

“I am committed to pass all my wide knowledge and skills, to my students in order for them to be the best in what their careers, because every successful students of mine, will represent my good reputation.”


THE SEMI-FINAL STAGE, September 11-12, 2021
A CLASS Beauty & PMU Academy
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